Wenn Wegschauen zur Staatsräson wird

Kunst kann ein Spiegel der Gesellschaft sein, kann Zeichen setzen – wenn sie relevant ist. Das Dresdener “Monument”-Kunstwerk, das an das Sterben in der Syrischen Stadt Aleppo erinnerte, hat zu Beginn des Jahres deutlich gemacht, wie notwendig eine Auseinandersetzung mit dem Thema Flucht und Fluchtursachen ist. Münster und die Skulptur-Projekte verweigern sich dieser Auseinandersetzung – und setzen mit der Absage an den Mexikanischen Konzeptkünstler Santiago Sierra ebenfalls ein Zeichen, ein Zeichen beängstigender Normalität.


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Afghanistan-Abschiebungen sofort stoppen!

Trotz des verheerenden Angriffs der Taliban mit 140 Toten auf einen Armeestützpunkt in der Nähe des deutschen Feldlagers bei Masar-i-Scharif hält die Bundesregierung an der Abschiebepraxis nach Afghanistan fest. In Kürze soll die fünfte Sammeldeportation nach Afghanistan erfolgen. Die Bundesregierung behauptet, es gebe dort verlässlich “sichere” Gebiete und “innerstaatliche Fluchtalternativen”.

Stop the War in Syria

For supporting this appeal for peace in Syria send an email with name, city and country to


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The war in Syria is an act of barbarism. He has been raging for five years. The naked figures are only a pale reverberation of horror: a hundred thousand people, about 5 million refugees outside of the country – almost 25 Percent of the Syrian population. By mid-2016, an estimated one million people were living in the beleaguered areas and were not receiving humanitarian aid.

The Moral Abyss

The media world-wide seems to have become accustomed to the brutal everyday life. But the poison gas use in Chan Sheikhun has brought the reality back into the living room with relentless force. For the war was never over – it had only been pushed to the edge of the attention horizon. Despite the unexplained background, the US attacked the Syrian side as a retribution for the painful Sarin death. This also made clear the helplessness with which even the strongest powers of the earth are opposed to unbridled mass murder.
In Syria, we experience one of the deepest moral abysses of our era. Every weapon used in this war exacerbates this abyss and only fights the war.

Diplomacy and Battlefield

For five years, diplomacy has proved incapable of pacing the battlefields in Syria. With the gas attack and the subsequent “retaliation” a new level of escalation was reached, without a strategy recognizable. Armament, as the German federal government plans, is the wrong way. The money is urgently needed to finance the necessary civilian conflict resolution strategies and humanitarian aid. So many alliances have been forged and broken for and against Syria. So many strategies have run out. But the unconditional will to peace – it had so far no chance.

Peace without Weapons only

This desire for peace in Syria must be heard. And we want to do this on 23tth of April. A sign – in front of the Town Hall of the “Peace of Westphalia”, in which the 30 years of war in the middle of Europe ended. The will to peace implies not closing eyes in view of reality. On the contrary, we are calling for a closer look at Syria and taking responsibility for the accountable politicians on all sides. Specifically, this means stopping all arm transfers to the warring parties and to the war zone, renouncing their own power interests and, on this basis, the immediate commencement of negotiations under the auspices of the United Nations. An important step in this direction is not to further strengthen the confrontation between Russia and NATO, but to dismantle it. Both sides must contribute to this. Only with each other can this war be ended and the next wars be prevented.

Europe as a Port of Refuge

Negotiations are a long-term process. But people now suffer and must be protected from violence. This is currently not possible in Syria. The neighboring countries are also overwhelmed by the catastrophic consequences of the war. In this situation, Europe must follow its values. Europe must offer protection to the people threatened by death and provide escape corridors. Where the violence escalates and can not be conquered by even more force, salvation is the commandment of humanity.

Family immigration immediately

The fact that the German federal government has exposed family suffocation in the face of the disaster in Syria is a collapse of humanity. Especially as a war party Germany has to take sides with the people of Syria. Families must be offered a safe harbor in Germany.

In times when diplomacy fails, a watchful world-wide public must assume responsibility for politicans in power. Our goal at 23.04. at the town hall of the Peace of Westphalia in Muenster (Germany) is therefore to overcome the idleness and the silence of every single person. The outcry in the face of violence must not fall silent again.

Stoppt den Krieg in Syrien

Zu der Versammlung für den Frieden am Sonntag, den 23.04.2017 um 15:30 auf dem Prinzipalmarkt in Münster, wird der folgende Aufruf veröffentlicht. Wer den Aufruf persönlich unterstützen möchte, sende bitte Name und Anschrift an diese Adresse:


Im Rahmen eines Fototermins wird auf den Stufen des Münsteraner Rathauses ein Zeichen für den Frieden gesetzt. Jeder Mensch darf gerne Transparente mitbringen, mit denen er oder sie zum Ende der Kriegshandlungen in Syrien aufruft.

Die Fotos werden unter dem HashTag #StopTheWar in den Sozialen Medien verbreitet. Diese Aktion soll möglichst viel Nachahmer finden, um den Druck auf die Politiker zu erhöhen, in Syrien endlich auf dem Verhandlungsweg den Frieden herbeizuführen und die vom Tode bedrohten Menschen aus dem Schlachtfeld herauszuholen.

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“Leave your lights on …”

Ich möchte mich bei all den Menschen bedanken, die ein Licht aufleuchten ließen am 10.02. auf dem Prinzipalmarkt, Münster – für das helle Deutschland, das zu seiner Verantwortung steht, aus der Geschichte gelernt hat und für Frieden, Freiheit, Demokratie und Offenheit einsteht.
“Hey now, all you children
Leave your lights on …”

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